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Alfred Deakin, John Forrest and Fortescue Metals ( Prayers No 11)

Deakin, Forrest and Fortescue metals

John Forrest was an explorer, Premier of Western Australia and Minister of Defence in Barton's Federal Government. Deakin appointed Forrest his Treasurer in 1905 during Deakin's second term as Prime Minister. When Deakin was the 5th PM he traveled to England in 1907 to speak on preferential trade between all of the British Empire, Forrest was the acting PM for 3 months. In 1909 Deakin was forced not to support Forrest's attempt to be Prime Minister because the party would only accept Deakin in the position as Australia's 7th Prime Minister. Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest CEO of Fortescue Metals happens to be John Forrest great great nephew.


Alfred Deakin Prayers No 11- June 12, 1909 This private prayer was written 10 days after he became Australia’s 7th Prime Minister. He had resisted accepting the PM position and been looking for other options, but was forced by his sense of duty to accept the offer. (He knew that his health was in serious decline.) “Not for myself O God, not for myself; for myself least and last - but for Thy purpose, Thy will for my country & kin first & always be my retention of official place, the extent of whatever power I have or maybe given, and the use of all else attaching to me. Let it all without exception or qualification be devoted to these ends & guide me O. Merciful Father, as far as maybe against blindness, neglect, weakness or false estimates of values now & always. Unless Thy minister let me be no man's minister. Unless Thy servant no man's master. Unless for Thy authority no man's authority. For to Thee, ideal of highest love & justice & grace let me be accepted as offering now & for ever, useful or useless to fulfill my duty.” Other Deakin Prayers are available at

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