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Protection of Animals Act - Prayer 15

Flinders Street Melbourne 1915

Deacon was passionate about protecting the weak and innocent. This explains why he was the President of the Victorian Society for Protection of Animals and why his first act as MP in the Victorian Government was to bring a private members bill in 1881 to protect the right of animals, which is the foundation of our modern laws. He also fought for the over worked factory hands and seamstresses in the same spirit.

Deakin riding at Pt Lonsdale

Deakin prayer on 27th December 1903 "Merciful father I kneel to pray forgiveness. Enable me to realise my sin and root out the seed from which it springs, to repair its consequences and avoid its temptation, to steal myself against temptation and cauterise the parts of me that has consented to it. Most of all I pray to become myself a merciful father and wise to all whom I may in any degree fulfil a parental relation. Unable to discern the depth or extent of our influence which may at times be slight upon those close and profound upon those remote from us, grant that the soul from which it springs may always be kept as pure, true and loving as it is in my nature to be so. That however, whenever and wherever touched it may respond faithfully and give of its best to all consistently."

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