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Prayers of a Prime Minister

Alfred Deakin was a prolific writer throughout his life. It is likely that he would have written his autobiography during his retirement as a memorial to future generations, but sadly his deteriorating health prevented him.


The National Library in Canberra holds in trust most of his manuscripts and in this collection are two diaries called "The Boke of Praer and Praes". It is a collection of 400 prayers where he expressed his heart felt thoughts and desires to God.

Boke of Praer means in Indonesian the Book of Prayer, Praes is latin for pledge.

Walter Murdoch, great uncle to Rupert Murdoch, was the author of Deakin's biography and was intimately acquainted with the family he wrote:



"The Boke of Praer and Praes".


...his religion was the deepest thing in him..and that to ignore this is to miss the essential secret of his life”

“These prayers were written in the days of his strength, but the central faith that speaks in them did not fail him.”

“He left behind him two little books of prayers, through which if they were made public, those capable of reading them with sympathy could gain a glimpse of his innermost spirit”

“Alfred Deakin: A Sketch” published 1923 page 287.

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