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Alfred Deakin Prayer - No 5

I hope you are enjoying Deakin's prayers and the short stories about his life. One interesting anecdote about Alfred Deakin is that he is the only Prime Minister who was charged by the police for "riding his bicycle on the footpath" while traveling to work. "Oh God teach me to pray, give me the impulse to prayer, give me the sense of Thy nearness, give me that insight into Thy nature which shall quickened me to faith, give me the feeling of absolute isolation from the world and from my lower self that I may realize and reap the fruits of communion with Thee. Oh God I approach Thee in spirit and in truth with but dim knowledge and indefinite expectation and confessed doubt but with a longing for Thy inspiration, with a craving trust in Thy will and power to help Thy creatures and with frequent though faltering reliance on my own intuitions." 3rd Aug 1884

Lord Kitchener Deakin invited him to Australia to advise the ADF

William Alexander Watt long time friend

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