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1890 Maritime Strikes Deakin's Prayer No 7

The 1880-90's were troubled times, and Alfred Deakin being the Chief Secretary of Victoria was instrumental in keeping the peace in the maritime strikes. 25,000 strikers where in the streets demonstrating with life and property at risk. Deakin decided to call out the militia because the police were totally overwhelmed. What could have been a serious outbreak of violence was averted. His prayer on the 30th August 1890 demonstrates how he earnestly prayed for Gods intervention. "God grant Thy spirit to us. Let it be poured abroad and awaken all men to their better selves so that in these hours of strife and industrial conflict peace may be preserved and right triumph by means of reason and conscience. Let the enfranchisement of the many receive no check; let the bonds of labor be loosened for the free growth of humanity; let private worth and private life and even possessions be preserved from harm but let them become consecrated more to the service of the race. Strengthen the weak, comfort the poor and rule the members by the law of love and justice. Grant me O God the grace of Wisdom to discern the needs of each hour that I might act with power and promptitude to suppress violence and with mildness and moderation so that all possibility of suffering may be avoided."

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