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Prayers of a Prime Minister

By Alan Currie




This book is about the characteristics of inspired leadership and it does this through focusing on the prayers of a great national Australian leader who lived last century.

It is not like a typical book on leadership, however it is an attempt to look into the heart and soul of what makes a world famous leader who understands their responsibility and divine purpose to lead a nation into its destiny. It is an in depth look at the power of prayer in one man’s life and how these prayers reveal the heart of the man that founded a nation.

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When we think of world famous leaders, we think of Sir Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Alexander the Great, Thomas Jefferson, Oliver Cromwell, Mother Teresa, Moses, John F Kennedy, Napoleon Bonaparte, Josef Stalin, Otto von Bismarck, Elizabeth 1 and 2nd of England, Joan of Arc, and of course Jesus Christ who is known among his many names as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

A very useful exercise would be to study these historical figures to learn the attributes that made them world leaders. What were their unique qualities and where did the power come from that helped them shape the world they lived in.


In a number of cases what they said and did continues to change world history and impacts the world we live in today.

Many of these leaders had a very positive and transformational impact on the people and nation they lead, but some did not. I hope by the end of this book you will have an understanding and greater appreciation for the positive principles and secrets that empowers a leader to bless and prosper their nation and their fellow man.


Unfortunately, history is full of men and women who have chosen to follow the very antithesis of these principles which has caused death and destruction and much human suffering down through the ages.

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Holocaust Victims




I have chosen to focus on Alfred Deakin as he epitomizes the qualities of many great leaders and my hope is that Australian’s and the world will begin to see Deakin as one of the greatest inspirational leaders of the ages.

I have purposely included Australian history details to help the reader understand the social and economic environment Deakin was born into and how it influenced him and what he did to move the people of the colonies into what we now know as the modern Australian nation.

We all live in a lineal time in history, we are affected by the events and culture we were born into and therefore any serious study of a person’s life needs to be made with an understanding of the time in which they lived.

As Deakins prayers begin in 1884 and finish in 1913 the early years of his life are not covered by his journal called “Boke of Praer and Praes”. Therefore the first chapter will provide a short history of Deakins early life leading up to when he began writing down his prayers.

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