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Alfred Deakin Professional Timeline 



1886-1890 Chief Secretary and Minister for Water Supply


1887 Victorian delegate at Imperial Conference in London

1887 Declined knighthood offered by British Government at age of 30 years old.


1889-1900 Member for Essendon and Flemington in Victorian Legislative Assembly


1890 Victorian delegate at Australasian Federal Conference in Melbourne, Visited Ceylon and India


1891 Victorian delegate at National Australasian Convention in Sydney


1897-1898 Victorian delegate at Federal Conventions in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne


1900 Visited London to support Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Bill


1901-1903 Attorney-General in Barton Government


1901-1913 Member of the House of Representatives for Ballarat


1903-1904 Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs. PM on 24th Sept 1903.


1904-1905 Leader of the Opposition


1905-1908 Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs


1907 Australian delegate at Imperial Conference in London (8th April-May 20)


1909 Alliance with Freetraders: 'Fusion'


1909-1910 Prime Minister 


1910-1913 Leader of the Opposition


1914 Chairman of the Royal Commission on Food Supplies and Prices


1915 Australian representative at Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco


1919 - 7 October Died at his House in South Yarra Melbourne


Children: Ivy (1883-1970), married Herbert Brookes in 1905; Stella (1886-1976), married A.C.D. Rivett (later Sir David Rivett) in 1911; Vera (1891-1978), married T.W. White (later Sir Thomas White) in 1920

1856- 3 August Born at 90 George St Fitzroy, Melbourne, son of William and Sarah Deakin


1864-1871 Attended Melbourne Church of England Grammar School


1872-1877 Studied law at University of Melbourne


1878 accepted to Bar as a Barrister-  Began to contribute to The Age


1879 Member for West Bourke in Victorian Legislative Assembly; resigned over an electoral irregularity

1879 - Traveled to Fiji


1880, 14 July -1889 Member for West Bourke in Victorian Legislative Assembly


1882 Married Elizabeth Martha Anne ('Pattie') Browne (1863-1934)


1883-1884 Commissioner of Public Works and Water Supply


1884-1885  Solicitor-General and Minister of Public Works, Chairman of the Royal Commission on Irrigation, Visited United States to research Irrigation in 1884.

1885 Responcible for the Factories Act improving conditions for child labour.


1885-1890 Leader of Liberal Party



Deakin lived at 196 Walsh Street

South Yarra Melbourne

(This is the plaque seen outside the house)

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