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Prayers of a Prime Minister

By Alan Currie


Who was Alfred Deakin?


What did he achieve in his life and what difference did he make on the earth?

When the time comes for us to depart this earthly existence, we will be measured in these terms. Alfred Deakin was a man who understood achievements through hard work, he experienced power and influence, but he knew that life was much deeper and richer than these methods of summing up a person’s life.

This short book will give you a rare insight into a man’s life that shaped a nation, who was considered one of the great orators of his time and whose achievements are still felt in our modern world. But you will also learn about his inner spirit that empowered him to make such a significant impact on society.

For those who know the name Alfred Deakin most would only remember him as the second Prime Minister of a newly federated Australian nation. Some might know him as the founder of the Australian High Court or know Deakin University was named after him. Few would know he was the only Prime Minister to reject the title “Right Honourable” and membership into the British Privy Council. The only PM to reject honorary degrees from Oxford and Cambridge University and even an offer of Knighthood.


But who would know why?

In our time, not to accept these vestiges of earthly respect seems strange and out of character with the leaders of today who covert such important titles.

You have now been given an initial glimpse into the unique character of a man who walked in such humility that he renounced such earthly accolades and who was simply known as “Affable Alfred”.


Is it possible to peer into someone’s soul? Can we really understand what motivates a person to serve his nation with such passion and dedication that it affected his health and causing an early death? Why, after so many hard years and long hours working to establish a nation, did he still not seek to be recognized for all his many achievements? I hope to give you that answer. There is a way to look deeply into the heart and soul of a person, if you know where to look. There is a window that will allow you see through into a person’s soul, into their deep motivations, fears, hopes and dreams. However it is extremely rare to be given an opportunity to look through such a window that is normally reserved for the one who hears our prayers.


You are about to be given that window into the heart of Alfred Deakin. 

Over the course of Alfred life, he wrote many private journals and manuscripts that no living person saw when he was alive. Into these journals Alfred wrote his most private thoughts, insights, revelations and prayers. 

He wrote his prayers to the one who he believed created the universe. To the one person who controls space time, who Alfred believed had the power and authority to grant his requests.

People who knew Alfred Deakin personally, wondered where his strength and boundless energy came from. How did he rise to the pinnacle of earthly power at the age of 30 and still travel through life with so much grace and wisdom to cause even his enemies to be at peace with him.  

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