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Alfred Deakin Prayer - No 2

Deakin wrote down 400 prayers from 1884 to 1913 many of them profound and very moving. He wrote this prayer on August 3rd 1901 when he was Attorney General serving in the Edmund Barton Government. "Grant me the prayerful power to discern where my service may be fruitful that I may see and see clearly where my duty lies. More than this now in maturity I may scarcely ask and yet I must crave also courage and will to execute so that my weakness may not multiply my failures. What then would be mine when all flows from thee? Nothing. Let me remain nothing then so that the work be done.There ought to have been a self-built out of so much blessing. Gratitude and humility should have given me a soul. That I am naught alas O God is the ground of all my petitions. Fulfill in me Thy Will."

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