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Alfred Deakin Prayer - Day1

For the next 30 days, everyone who has signed up to our email notifications will receive one of Alfred Deakin's prayers.

It seemed appropriate to start with the prayer he wrote in his prayer diary when he first became Prime Minister. (24th September 1903)

“On this day of all others it behoves me to crave guidance and support; to put far away from me all that glitters or detracts from the true ends to be achieved by patient conscientious humble effort.

Among the much to be done that is meaningless or fruitless O God permit me to discern those things which are necessary for the welfare of the people at large and in which something practical may be accomplished. Without pretense and without fear unaffected by clamor or censure enable me to do my duty day by day with sincerity, thoroughness and purity of aim.

Let me not linger in authority an instant after my usefulness has ceased. Grant me no gains that are not real and wholesome for the nation and towards its fuller life in God.”

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