Sir Robert Menzies and Deakin No 14

Sir Robert Menzies is Australia's longest serving Prime Minister. He was PM for 18 years during the outbreak of WW2- from Churchill and five US Presidents - Roosevelt to Nixon.

Menzies was also an admirer of Alfred Deakin, so he was pleased to receive on behalf of Australian Govt, Deakin's private papers and

journals given to him by Deakin's three daughters (seen below). Watch a 1966 National Archive video on why Menzies believed Deakin was Australia's greatest Prime Minister.

Stella, Vera, Ivy and Menzies in 1947
Menzies speaks about Deakin - Video
Alfred Deakin- Prime Minister in 1905

Deakin's Prayer on 4th June 1882. While he was a member in Victorian Legislative Assembly- age 25 years. "Gracious God grant that my life may be as entirely dedicated to Thee as are my words and my intentions. Let me remain in public affairs only so long as my services are of some value to the higher interests of the country. Let me be unaffectedly sincere in my devotion to truth and right, simple in aim, and utterly unselfish in act, accepting without repining just that authority and influence which may belong to me, acknowledging ever my subordination to Thy Will and making whatever sacrifices may be necessary to render me a faithful steward of the truths I am able to comprehend and of the principles of wise and just government so far as I can grasp them. Far from me be all vanity, envy, ambition, cowardice, injustice, falsehood and greed."

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