Prayers of a Prime Minister

By Alan Currie


Chapter 1-  Life begins in Victorian Colony.


Alfred Deakin was born on 3rd August 1856 in Fitzroy in Victoria. He was the new breed of Australian native born British subjects who was to grow up in the new world and was destined to become one of Australia’s greatest leaders and the father of a new federated nation.


As a young boy, Deakin was a precocious young man, who demonstrated leadership abilities at a young age.  At age 4 his parents sent him to a boarding school in Kyneton which must have been a difficult experience for a boy of only 4 years old being away from his parents and could explain his private desire to be along reading and writing.

Eight years old in 1864, Deakin was enrolled at the Melbourne Church of England Grammar School which still operates from 355 St Kilda Rd Melbourne. He developed a passion for reading and most of his time was spent devouring the classics as he dismissed his school studies as unnecessary. His sole delight was to get lost in the world of Dickens, Cooper, Marryat, Fenimore, Ballantyne, Scott, Dumas, Jonathan Swift and dream of the adventures of Robinson Crusoe and the life of Lemuel Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels or Aladdin in Arabian Nights.



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